5 reason why life with cat is better or why do I like cats

cute blue and white british cat laying on bed improve mood

Cats are the most intriguing animals in the entire world. They are mysterious, agile and so cute at the same time. For me they are also the most inspiring pets which is truly important in my artistic work. Anyway I’m not the only artist loving cats. Famous cats lovers were for example Leonardo da Vinci, Colette, Charles Dickens or Ernest Hemingway. But we will talk later about famous cats people. Now I wanna give few reasons why I think that cat are the best.

infographic why life with cat is better cat drawing with red hearts

1. Cat always improve our mood

Think about that days that everything go wrong and you come back home tired and angry. You have no power and you are sure that nothing gonna make you feel better and then suddenly some purring ball of happiness is running to you. I’m talking about our cats friends. It is wonderful to see how happy cat is when you are back home. Is there something that can make you feel better than that? Watching playing cats are better than any comedies.

funny cat drawing gray cats inside jar

2. Cats purring has healing power

Cats purring is amazing it truly has a healing power. Most of all stroking a cat calm us down and reduce stress level. In addition it lower blood pressure and help healing of muscles, injuries and also bones. Amazing, isn’t it? It is confirmed by researchers. Scientifics made the experiment. They had dogs with broken legs and they placed some of them with purring cats. The ones that were with purring cats got healed faster. Cats have this unique power of purring to heal themselves. So staying at home with purring cats is better than a sanatorium or SPA.

3. Healing power of cats fur

Do you know that cat’s fur has a great healing power? It has negative ionisation while any diseased place on your body has positive ionisation. When cat is laying on such place it neutralize bad ionisation and you feel better. So now you have another good reason to just seat comfortable in your chair with cat on lap. Isn’t it amazing that cat can be our private therapist?

funny dr cat drawing healing power of cats purring and fur

4. Cats are wild and domestic in the same moment

When you’re watching your cat you can surely notice similarity to wildest big cats like lions and tigers. All of cats, these wild ones and domestic ones have common features like predator instinct and agile moves. When we look at our cute kitty Missi we can’t stop wonder how such domestic cat can look alike wilde one. When she is hunting fly she doesn’t stop until she catch it.  Predator instinct of cats is amazing. However at the same time our domestic cats are cute animal which like to be stroked a lot.


5. Cat are the low maintenance

Cat is perfect pet especially if you live in apartment. Whiskers is clean, independent and use litter box. You don’t need to worry about going for walk, because cat doesn’t require it. If you are out of home for long time it is also perfect pet for you. Cat can stay alone at home without any problem. And once you will be back your fur friend will welcome you with joy. Unless it decide to do differently. You know how it is with cats, they always go their own ways. I guess this is also why I love cats so much. They are totally individual, just like me. 
Aneta from ART&CAT