Cat can do anything. What should we learn from our cats

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Can cats sleep whole day? Yes, they can. Can cats sleep wherever they want. Yes, they can. Can cats lay on your keyboard while you need to work. Of course they can. But why? Just because. Cats can do anything. And you know what? We should learn a lot from them. Yes. Our fur friends know how to live without stress and how to be yourself. And it’s about time for us to start doing the same.

Live stress-free like cat

Sometimes when am I looking at our kitty, I think she has a good life. She sleep nearly whole day, she is happy of everything (yes, we have very optimistic cat). She loves stroking  and she is purring out of happiness all the time. She needs no more to be fully happy. I’m wondering why cannot we be like her. What a terrible world is nowadays that we are always in the hurry and stressed? Why do we need it after all? I know, that there gonna be some haters that say we can’t be like cats. Cause we have to work, earn money, buy thing, build…etc.
I work hard so my cat can have better life
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But do we really need to do all these things? What about our life? We’re losing it because we’re chasing after something all the time. It doesn’t make any sense. Let’s be more like cat. Let’s appreciate small things. And let’s live. Just like that. You don’t need to be worry about everything. It won’t help you. Do you know that most of diseases are caused by stress. Really.  This is serious. So don’t be bundle of nerves anymore. Take your cat as an example and start live stress-free. You can do it, and it’s worth doing.

Cats walk their own way

Cats walk their own way. This is obvious thing. Everyone knows about it. Let’s take some example. What will happen when you call your dog? It will come to you of course. But what will happen when you call your cat? It depends. It might come, but it might not. This is cat choice whether come or not. You know how it is with cats, they have servants not owners. We can find much more examples of cat’s independence. Cats choose their own place to sleep. This is also their choice when is time for stroking and when for being alone. And how it is with us? Do we also live the way we want? Not always or rather rarely, right? Do you remember situation when you did something only because someone else wanted you to do it? We put on different mask on according to different situation in our life. Sometimes we forget about ourselves. Time to stop it. Let’s live on our terms. If not now then when?

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Why should we be like cats? 

There is so many reason to start live like cats. It’s impossible to give them all. So let’s talk about the most important reasons. 
  • cats are not stressed, they enjoy life
  • cats always do what they want
  • cats enjoy little things
  • cats are the best 
Time to be more like cats. Time for cat’s life. But what does it mean? Cat’s life is stress-free life and going your own way. Sounds great, right? Let’s take example from cats.
Have a wonderful and of course cat’s life.
Aneta from ART&CAT
Batcat with flaying bat, superhero and his friends
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