6 flowers safe for cat that gonna clear the air in your home

flowers safe for animals british cat in flowers cats friendly houseplants

Each cats lover knows that combination of cats and plant is wild one. You know how it is, flowers always attack poor cats so they have to defend themselves. Some cats take care of plants, they check if soil is not too dry or if plant is standing stable. These things are so important, don’t you think so? Sometimes it can happen that some plants fall down. But everyone knows that it cannot be cat’s fault. Cause cats are the best! Cats sometimes love flowers too intense. However this is not the biggest problem here. Absolutely crucial thing is to choose flowers safe for our fur friends. But how to find flowers safe for cat?

houseplants safe for cats flowers for cats british cat laying under palm

Before I tell you which flowers are good for cats I gonna tell you one funny thing. Did you know that I’ve always been saying that I hated plants. I’ve been so sure that I would never have plants in my home. But something has changed. Now I have plants and I want to have more. Well..women…. We can always change our mind. But true is that I want to improve air quality in my new home. Believe me, this is the best way to do so.

flowers friendly for cat cat playing with houseplants areca palm improving air quality
flowers safe for animals british cat in flowers cats friendly houseplants

So my dears this is my list of safe flowers for cats.

1. Dendrobium

I love this plant. It belongs to orchidea family. Dendrobium blooms beautifully and is low-maintenance. You really don’t need to work a lot to keep it in good condition. This flower pure the air and is absolutely safe for cats. My kitty loves this one a lot, sometimes even too much.

flowers safe for cats dendrobium orchidea for cats houseplants friendly for cats photos orchidea in white flowerpot
dendrobium perfect for cats lovers flower safe for cats plants good for cats orchidea in glass flowerpot

2. Areca Palm (Dypsis Lutescens)

Another flower safe for cats which will clean air in your home. This is also plant easy to care about. I like Areca Palm because it looks so nice and exotic. Maybe this is why my cat gets crazy by this flower. Areca is great to pure air, it absorb chemicals and gives clean and humidified air. Isn’t it amazing?

flowers safe for cat cat and areca palm pure air at home houseplants friendly for cats

3. Chamaedorea (Chamedorea Elegans)

Another cute palm on my list of flowers safe for cats. I like the way it looks. Don’t underestimate this plant. Even NASA did some research about it and they found out that Areca Palm removes toxins from air and moisturize it. Plus Areca is of course safe for cat and low maintenance. Isn’t it just perfect flower?

Chamaedorea plants safe for cat flowers safe for cat plant pure air at home palm in white flowerpot

4. Schlumbergera (Schlumbergera trunctata)

I’m sure that you know this plant, it is very popular. Schlumbergera is genus of cacti. Yes, this is real cactus but unique one. It doesn’t have spikes. Schlumbergera blooms beautifully, flowers can be red, white or purple. This flower is good especially for bedrooms cause it produces oxygen even at night.

Schlumbergera cactus perfect for bedroom flowers safe for cat cats and plants at home

5. Nephrolepis fern

Time for fern. Nephrolepis fern is probably the most popular fern in our homes. It looks beautiful and gives exotic climate in your interior. This plant usually is not problematic one. For now mine are fine, they grow and look great. I must say that Missi loves ferns a lot. She likes to sleep next to them. So I can recommend fern as a perfect flower for cat.

Nephrolepis fern flower safe for cat healing power of plants plants for cat lovers
british cat hiding behinde Nephrolepis fern houseplants friendly for cats flower safe for cat

6. Kalanchoe

Last but not least. Kalanchoe is amazing plant. It can heal many disease like headache, flu, allergy, it accelerates wound healing, help with digestion issues and many other. It is easy to care of even if you are forgetful person. You don’t need to water this plant too often. And of course kalanchoe is houseplant friendly for cats. Another perfect plant for cats lover, don’t you think so?

Have a wonderful and of course cat’s life. See you soon!
Aneta from ART&CAT
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