Remember if you have any question about orders in ART&CAT store don’t hesitate to contact us! We are sure that together we can handle any situation!


How can I register in store?

That’s easy! You have two ways to do it:

  • On My account tab: Just click on My account icon. You can find it on the top right corner of website. Next, you will see registration panel and there you just need to enter your e-mail address and username and click REGISTER. After a while, you will get an email with your login data. You will get from us temporary password which you can of course change after login.
  • During shopping: You can also easy register during shopping in our sore. After clicking in PROCEED TO CHECKOUT in BELLING DETAILS all you have to do is to check the  Create an account? option and give us your Account username. That’s all! You did it! Now you will get a confirmation email from us!
I forgot the password, what to do?

Don’t worry! From time to time It happens to everyone to forget a passwords. You can reset the old password and enter the new one. All you have to do is it to click My account tab and then click Lost your password? then enter your e-mail address and click RESET PASSWORD button. After a while, you will get instruction of resetting a password. Now you just need to enter a new password and that’s all! Simple isn’t it?

Can I change the data on My account?

Sure! After clicking on Account details you can change your password. You can also change your address- just click on Addresses button. Remember that you can always contact us when You need any help with orders and account settings in our store! We are sure that together we can handle any situation!

Do I have to register to buy something?

We recommend registering- just for your comfort. When you are registered you can always check all your orders and their status. Plus you can make wishlists of your favorite products (all you have to do is it to click the heart that appears on the right top corner of product photo), isn’t it great? But you can shop in our store without registration.


How can I subscribe to the newsletter?

That’s so easy! All you have to do is to click the button below. And we have the surprise for you. You will get form us 30% discount on first shopping, isn’t it great?

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Why is it good to subscribe to the newsletter?

There are many reasons to do it! Firstly you will get 30% discount on first shopping but that’s not all! When you became our subscriber you are part of the exclusive group so you are always up to date with all our sales, news and events. In addition you have access to special offers and promotions available only for our subscribers! So it is worth to subscribe to our newsletter, don’t you think so?


How can I buy something in ART&CAT store?

Buying in ART&CAT store is nice and easy. All you have to do is to click ADD TO CART button- visible under each product. Automatically you will have product in your cart. Once you have all the products in your cart just click your Cart icon (visible on the right top corner of website) and then click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button there enter your BILLING DETAILS, choose payment methods and click PLACE ORDER. Next, you will see the payment website and now you just need to pay for your order and that’s all!

I see a product in store but I cannot buy it, why?

This means that someone else also liked the product. In addition that someone was earlier in our store and bought it. Well you know, our products are pieces of art and we make only single copies of each. So when under product description there is no ADD TO CART button but there is Out of stock notification it’s mean that product is sold out.

But we can fix this situation! We can make this product especially for you! All you need to do is to contact us to talk about details of special order! Cool, right?

Can I change something in my order?

If you need to change something in your order e.g. you want to buy a different product or buy next one and have it in one package, just contact us! If the package is not sent to you yet- no problem we can do it!

I've got a discount coupon, how can I use it?

All you have to do is to enter it in your Cart during shopping. In your Cart tab under PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button, there is Coupon code field- here enter your discount code and click Apply coupon. The total price of your order changes automatically. Done! Now you can proceed to checkout and pay promotion price for your shopping.

Payment and shipment

Which payment methods are available?

In ART&CAT store you have multiple payment methods:

  • via PayPal– you can pay using your credits on PayPal account or easily pay with credit/ debit card
  • credit/ debit card– card payments are supported by PayPal but don’t worry you don’t have to have PayPal account to do it
  • online transfers– supported by t-pay system
  • direct bank transfer

Need more information? Visit Payment & shipping tab.

Can I pay by credit/ debit card?

Of course, you can! Card payments are supported by PayPal but don’t worry you don’t have to have PayPal account to do it. All you have to do is to check PayPal in payment methods and click PROCEED TO PAYPAL and on payment site check pay by card option.

How do you send package?

Packages are sent with Polish Post Office. Before sending we carefully prepare all packages because we want you to get your orders in perfect condition

How long will I wait for package?

We do everything we can to make waiting time as short as possible. We send package after getting payment. After that, it depends how much time need post office. We give you tracking link so you can always check where is your package at the moment. In case of any question about your package don’t hesitate to contact us!

Can an order be packed like gift?

Sure! We always wrap beautifully our packages but we can do more for you! On special request we can wrap your order as a gift- so it will be ready to give it to your loved one. Just contact us to let us know that! We can also sent package directly to the person who you wanted to give a gift to. You just need to enter address of that person as a shipping address.

Can you send the package to a different person?

Of course, we can! All you need to do is to check option  Ship to a different address? on checkout page. And of course, enter new shipping address.

Jakie są koszty dostawy paczki?
  • To all EU countries: till €8,99 (£8,19 $10)
  • To Poland: till €4,19 (£4,09 $4,69)

You can always check exact price in your cart.

We have also free shipping for you on all orders over €129 (£119, $149).

Are shipments properly packed?

Of course! We love our products and we want you to get your order in perfect condition so we pack them really carefully.

We use foil and bubble wrap to protect each and every one of our product. We place them into carton box and then we use stretch foil to protect them additionally. We want to be sure that our packages are properly secure. Only packages prepared in this way we send to you!

Special orders

I like the product but I would like different color/ size/ pattern… What can I do?

Just contact us! We can make especially for you product on order. We love special orders and we have an individual approach to each of them so just contact us to determine details!

Can I order personalized products?

Of course, you can! We love personalized orders so if you want to have a product made especially for you just contact us!

How can I buy the product on special order?

This is so simple! All you have to do is to contact us and tell what exact product you want to buy! Each special order we treat individually so contact us to talk about all the details.

About company

Why such company?

Our company was founded in 2016 but the idea of it appeared much earlier. All started a long time ago with one painting. That painting was about the small black cat with big white eyes. As soon as we looked at this picture, we just fell in love with it. And that was exactly the inspiration for founding this artistic company. Do you want to know some more? Check about us tab!

Why such name?

Once upon a time, there was some painting with the cat in the main role. And it was our inspiration to found this company. It was also the beginning of cats and artistic ideas. So when we finally founded this company the name was so obvious. ART&CAT because is a 100% artistic company and all started with one painting with a cat.

Why such logo?

We wanted our logo to be simple, minimalist and express the character of ART&CAT. This logo definitely meet all these requirements. It is simple, artistic and cats! At the beginning, our logo was little bit different. But with many changes in our company came also a new and better logo!  

What’s going on with this #LIVEinBEAUTY?

This is our motto! We want you to live better so we make unique things to make your home look more beautiful than ever. It is important to surround with beautiful things, who has beautiful home interior starts to live beautifully!

Motto #LIVEinBEAUTY is about changing your home into the most beautiful place in the world and simply having a beautiful life!

How can I contact you?

Simply send us an email or call us. You can also use our Live Chat. It is visible on each side in right bottom corner. More information on contact tab.

Check what’s going on on our Facebook and Instagram.


What type of products do you have on the offer?

We have for you absolutely unique products that make your home more beautiful! We have handmade artworks: drawings, watercolors and oil paintings. On our offer are also decorative plush toys and pillows– all are hand decorated. You can find in our store a little bit of fashion: we’ve got hand-painted caps and exclusive line of hand-painted t-shirt. Further, we have handmade greetings card on offer, they are the beautiful way to congratulate loved ones.

What’s going on with limited collections?

From time to time, you will have a chance to buy something from our limited collections. It will be extraordinary products in limited quantities. So this is the next reason to subscribe our newsletter, cause in this way you are always up to date and you won’t miss a chance to buy our unique things.

For whom products from ART&CAT?

Each and every one of our products is made with love for once who admire beautiful things. For once who like to be surrounded by beauty and just want to have a beautiful life! Products form ART&CAT can be also personalized for you so you will feel that they are yours and were made just for you!

Drawings, watercolors and oil paintings

Are all artworks original design?

Yes! In our store, you can find only original designs. Each and every one of our products is created in our atelier based on original designs. We put a lot of work and whole heart into the creative process. This is all to make something unique for you because we want you to have a beautiful life.

How are the drawings made, are they printed?

Many of you ask us this question. Really each and every one of the drawings is hand drawn. Even these from our exclusive line. These drawings are created in our atelier for many long days with attention to every detail, even the smallest one. That’s why they are so delightful!

All our drawings are made with fineliner on special artistic paper. Colorful elements are made with water soluble color pencils.

Are all of oil paintings hand painted?

Yes, of course! All paintings from ART&CAT are hand-painted. We definitely admire hand-painted artworks, because everyone is different. Only such paintings make your home interior as unique as you are.

How are the oil paintings made?

Oil paintings from ART&CAT are hand-painted in our atelier based on original designs. To make them we use oil paints.

Surfaces of paintings are the piece of cotton canvas or artistic paper. In a description of each artwork, you can find details information.

How are the watercolors made?

All watercolors from ART&CAT are hand painted based only on our original designs. All creative process is full of passion and takes place in our atelier.

To paint watercolors we use watercolor paints. Surface of paintings is special artistic paper.

Caps and t-shirts

What fabrics are caps and t-shirts made of?

We make every effort to ensure that our products are the best quality. So we choose only the best fabrics.

T-shirts are made of thin cotton knit with elastane or with 100% cotton. In the description of each t-shirt, we give you information about fabric composition. Knit that we choose for you are nice to touch, breathable and soft so wearing our t-shirt is pure pleasure.

Caps are made of thin cotton knit or thick sweatshirt knit so we have a proposition for warm and cold days. Fabrics are elastic which make our caps very comfortable. You can find also in our store caps insulated with minky fleece- perfect for freezing days.

All fabrics have Oeko-Tex standard so they are perfect for you even if you have sensitive skin.

How are caps and t-shirts made?

Caps and t-shirts are sewn in our small and family atelier. We use a sewing machine but each and every one of caps and t-shirts is hand finished. Also, all of them are hand painted which makes them remarkable. We want you to have a chance to buy in our store truly unique and beautiful things.

Are all caps and t-shirts hand painted?

Of course! After all, these are the most beautiful. So all caps and t-shirts are only hand painted and they are made in our atelier. To make all these paintings we need a lot of time and they all are our original ideas. These are reasons that our fashion line is as unique as you. Surely it makes you be visible in the crowd. Not only your home deserves to look beautiful, you also deserve it!

Can I wash caps and t-shirts in the washing machine?

Of course, you can! Your comfort is very important for us so we’ve chosen only the paints that are washing machine resistant.

So you can wash caps and t-shirt in a washing machine but at 30 Celsius degrees. Remember also to not iron directly on the paintings so iron through a piece of fabric or iron inside out.

Decorative plush toys and pillows

What fabrics are plush toys and pillows made of?

It is important for us that you can buy in ART&CAT store only the best quality pieces of art. Most of our pillows and plush toys are made of minky fleece which is antiallergic and they are filled with silicone ball. Silicon ball is fluffy and durable and also hypoallergenic. So as you can see that our pillows and decorative plush toys are perfect for you even if you are very sensitive!

We have also plush toys made of patterned cotton knit and hand painted knit. In a description of each product, we always give you fabrics details!

Can they be used by allergic people?

Yes! To make our products we use only the best quality fabrics with Oeko-Tex standard. Decorative plush toys and pillows are filled with silicon ball, which is antiallergic so is best for allergic people.

If you have sensitive skin and allergy tendency we recommend our products made of minky fleece, which is hypoallergenic.

Can I wash plush toys and pillows in a washing machine?

Yes, of course! Your comfort is very important for us so we’ve chosen only fabrics that are washing machine resistant.

But remember you can wash them at 30 Celsius degrees!

How are plush toys and pillows made?

Plush toys and pillows are made in our small and family atelier. We use a sewing machine but all of plush toys and pillows are hand decorated. Because we want them to be remarkable and beautiful!

Greetings card

Are all greetings card handmade?

Yes of course! You know that we love handmade things so you can be sure that our greetings card are 100% handmade! So they are unique and beautiful way to congratulate loved ones!

Complains and returns

What about returns?

We love our unique products because we put whole heart into a creative process. So we strongly believe that you gonna love them too! But if for some reason you will want to return them you have 14 days money back guarantee from us.

Remember that according to Terms & condition products made on special orders cannot be returned. You can find details in Returns & complaint tab.

But remember if you have any question about orders in ART&CAT store don’t hesitate to contact us! We are sure that together we can handle any situation!

I want to change a product to another one, what can I do?

Just contact us! Then we together determine all the details.